Large Projects Grants Deadline is Approaching

The Community Foundation of Switzerland County Inc.’s next Large Project Grants deadline is 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1st.  Large Project Grants are for requests over $2,000. Decisions on funding will be made by the Foundation within 60 days of the deadline. Large Project Grants go through a more intensive evaluation process than Small Project Grants and require a meeting with the Grants Committee.  After the July 1st deadline, the remaining Large Project Grants deadline for 2020 will be October 1st.  

Small Project Grants are for requests of $2,000 and under.  Applications can be submitted at any time throughout 2020 up until December 1st. Decisions on funding will be made by the Foundation within 15 days of submission.

Leadership Grants are awarded to specifically cover fees for staff and volunteers to attend conferences, workshops and webinars or to bring in facilitators for board/staff retreats. Hotel accommodations may also be covered, but food or travel expenses will not be covered. Requests can be up to $1,500 per organization per calendar year. There are no deadlines and the program will continue until December 1, 2020 or until funding is depleted, whichever comes first. Decisions on funding will be made by the Foundation within 15 days of submission.  

So far in 2020, the Community Foundation has awarded the following grants:

$2,000 to the Moorefield Fire Department to purchase grain bin rescue equipment.  Indiana is ranked near the top of states having the most grain bin accidents annually.  Switzerland County is lucky not have any yet but we need to be prepared.  A turtle tube grain bin sleeve and auger will be purchased and can be used throughout the region.

$2,100 to Switzerland County High School to help purchase 88 high school senior banners.

$2,000 to the Switzerland County Historical Society to help with the local  match needed for a Heritage Support Grant for the Burley Farm Native American Finds. 

$1,000 to the Switzerland County Public Library for their 2020 Adult Summer Reading Program.  This will cover craft supplies and prizes and the majority of these expenses can be purchased from local businesses.

$1,998 to the Switzerland County School Corporation for curriculum updates to their Project Lead the Way program.

For the Community Foundation’s grant guidelines and to access the online grant applications, visit the Community Foundation’s website at  Anyone having questions regarding the three grant opportunities the Community Foundation is offering in 2020 is encouraged to contact Pam Acton at the Foundation’s office.  She can be reached at 812-427-9160 or

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