CFSCI Awards Scholarships

The Community Foundation of Switzerland County, Inc. recently awarded scholarships to 52 different students pursuing post-secondary educations.  These scholarships were made possible by individuals and organizations that have established scholarship endowments through the Community Foundation with the intention of assisting students in furthering their educations.  Following is a list of scholarships awarded and the recipients of each scholarship.

Jane Alexander Memorial Scholarship- $250 to Josie Stogsdill

Johnny Andrew 4-H Scholarship- $250 to Allison Detmer

Shawn M. Barnes Memorial Scholarship- $300 to Mason Welsh

Baatz, Borgman, & Hastings Scholarship- $450 to Allison Detmer

Linda Lee Bennitt Memorial Scholarship- $550 to Allison Furnish

Sgt. Kenneth Raymond Booker Memorial Scholarship- $500 to Patrick Stow

Lauretta & Clyde Borgman & Ralph Baatz Scholarship- $500 to Riley King

John & Freda Bott Memorial Scholarship- varying amounts to Makayla Christian, Chandler Cole, Erin Cooper, Katrena Gobert, Katelyn Hertz, Megan Hesse, Claire Higgins, Audrey Kinne, Leon Kinne, Logan Lainhart, Lauren Lundergan, Grace McAllister, Mackenzie Ott, Garbrielle Pawlak, Nathaniel Pawlak, Aaron Petersen, Ambar Materano Sanchez, Brayden Sedam, Ethan Stuart and Haley Thayer

Denny Brown/Jim Stultz Vevay Warriors Scholarship- $1,000 to Dalton Roark

The Buchanan Family Memorial Scholarship- $500 to Bailey Bennett

Dorothy Martin Burley Memorial Scholarship- $800 to Emy  Duke

Nelson W. Burley Memorial Scholarship- $1,000 to Nathaniel Scranton

Bernice Hart Demaree Memorial Scholarship- $900 to Allison Detmer

Miss Peggy Lorraine “Miss Kitty” Eckerty Scholarship- $900 to Melinda Turner

Bonnie Fancher Momorial Scholarship- $900 to Zoe Cole

The Fisher Family Scholarship- $800 to Coby Chase

Newell Fox/Mickey Lamson Scholarship- $1,200 to Chelsie Hardin

Pete Furnish Scholarship- $600 to Bailey Bennett

Robert Furnish Family Scholarship- $500 to Emy Duke

Guy S. Harris/Patriot Alumni Scholarship- $500 each to Allison Detmer and Josie Stogsdill

Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home Scholarship- $1,000 each to Chelsie Hardin and Dylan Walter

Amos & Anna (Gates) Hastings Scholarship – $450 to Taylar Jordan

Dale & Edith (Peters) Hastings Scholarship- $400 to Samantha Sparks

Pete Hollitt Memorial Scholarship- $750 to Coby Chase

Sandra W. Kidwell Scholarship- $400 to Samuel White

Kiwanis Club of Vevay Scholarship- $1,000 to Ailyah Begley

Mike McClure Memorial Scholarship- $500 to Damian Breeck

O.H. & Helen McNary Memorial Scholarship- $1,700 to Allison Furnish

North Bend Farms & Cinergy Scholarship- $1,600 to Treyton Gray

The Pacer Scholarship- $750 to Aliyah Begley

Roger & Bev Parrott Scholarship- $800 to Ryan Jesop

Lawrence & Garnet Picket Memorial Scholarship- $600 to Deanna Voris

U.P. Schenck Memorial Scholarship- $2,700 to Bailey Bennett

Sterling Stringfield Memorial Scholarship- $1,000 to Debbie Poling

Jack Sullivan Memorial Scholarship- $5,000 to Kaylee Wetzel, $3,000 to Brittany Muench, $3,000 to Rylee Hankins, $3,000 to Sierra Hamilton and $2,000 to Josie Stogsdill

Switzerland County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship- $900 to Taylar Jordan

Switzerland County Elementary PTA Scholarship- $500 to Aliyah Begley

Ralph W. Tilley Memorial Scholarship- $900 to Chelsy Holyoke

Town of Vevay Scholarship- $2,000 each to Allison Furnish, Ryan Jesop and Calleigh Powell

Loni Amber Lynn Turner Memorial Scholarship- $500 each to Angie Arredondo Cazares, Riley King, Lura Little and Samantha Sparks

Chad Valentine Memorial Scholarship- $1,000 to Armando Cedano

Diego & Fidelia Valenzuela Scholarship- $500 to Kaylee Wetzel

Carrie Lynn Vann Norstran Memoral Scholarship- $550 to Blake Green

Vevay-Switzerland County Foundation Scholarship- $1,000 to Armando Cedano

Vevay-Switzerland County Lions Club Scholarship- $500 each to Calleigh Powell and Riley King

Scott Welch Memorial Scholarship- $400 each to Damien Breeck, Treyton Gray, Patrick Stow and Dylan Walter

Buck White Memorial Scholarship – $350 to Aleiah Ragsdale

Leland & Aldean Wiley Family Scholarship- $350 to Taylar Jordan

Bobby Joe Williamson Scholarship- $350 to Melinda Turner

Alvin & Julia (Wiley) Works Scholarship- $400 to Dalton Roark

Roy D. Works, Matt & Ethel M. Scudder Scholarship- $500 to Kyle Whitham

If you would like additional information on the scholarships available at the Community Foundation or would be interested in exploring the idea of establishing a scholarship fund, please visit the Foundation’s office at 303 Ferry Street in Vevay, call 812-427-9160 or email

Community Foundation of Switzerland County Inc.

303 Ferry St, Vevay, IN 47043
Phone: (812) 427-9160